A 15-step powerhouse marketing BLATZ that's gonna obliterate those doubts, put you on the map, and turn you into a real estate rockstar.

Think about it – you'll get a personalized domain name for each property, a digital home-site where buyers can't help but be entranced. Engage 'em with striking images, seductive blog posts, and videos that'll hook 'em in faster than a fish on a line. But hold onto your hat, 'cause that's just the warm-up act.


Hey there, Rockstar Listing Agent!

You've just taken on a new listing, and your sellers are anxious to know everything you're doing to sell their home. You explain your plan, but a few days later, you have to explain it all over again. "Why are the number of showings so low?" "Why don't we have an offer yet?" "What are you doing to market my property?" 

I've walked in your shoes many times, felt the sweat of those moments, and seen the eagerness in sellers' eyes – that impatient expectation... They want answers, and they want them yesterday...and you are running out of excuses!. So, I imagine you've been there too, right? In the trenches, facing sellers who are tapping their feet and eyeing you like a hawk. They want their homes SOLD!  Well, guess what? It's time to flip the script, my friend. Brace yourself for a game-changing solution that's going to take your real estate game to a whole new level.

Allow me to introduce you to the Ultimate Listing Marketing System – A 15-round knockout system that's going to put you in the spotlight, squash those doubts from your seller, and catapult your success into the stratosphere.

You've seen it all – the raised eyebrows, the furrowed brows. Well, get ready to drop a bombshell on your skeptical sellers. 

 Unleash the Power of Our Game-Changing Service for Your Listing. Elevate Your Marketing like Never Before!

Here’s Exactly What You'll Get With This Breakthrough Service: 

WARNING: Unleashing This Revolutionary LISTING-MARKETING SYSTEM May Result in an Avalanche of New Listings, Elevating Your Influence and Demand in the Market..."


Introducing the Ultimate Listing Marketing System

Completely DONE-FOR-YOU 15 Meticulously Orchestrated Marketing Moves EXCLUSIVELY for YOUR NEW LISTING!




STEP #1:


Tailored Digital Identity: An exclusive domain name for your listing.

Instant Recognition: A domain name that's memorable and instantly recognizable

Enhanced Marketing Impact: This will elevate your property's marketing game 

Credibility Boost: Establishing trust and professionalism from the get-go!

STEP #2:


Digital Showcase: A dedicated website that acts as the central hub of your listing marketing...

Unparalleled Engagement: Keep them engaged with a user-friendly website that sells 24-7

Tailored Content Hub: A central hub that offers all your property-related information

Exceptional Differentiator: Setting your property apart from the competition 

STEP #4:


Artistry in Words: Crafted with finesse, our property descriptions will help you sell! 

Emotional Connection: Our listing descriptions ignites an emotional connection with the public

Strategic Impact: Every word is strategically chosen to showcase unique selling points

Distinctive Advantage: With our poetic property descriptions, your listing gains a competitive edge

STEP #5:


Visual Storytelling: Immerse potential buyers in a visual narrative that brings the property to life

Sensory Experience: Your video will engage not only the eyes but also the senses...

Memorable Impressions: A dedicated property video that leaves a lasting impact on buyers, making your listing unforgettable among the crowd

STEP #6:


Memorable Impressions: Four Short videos that leave a lasting impact on buyers, making your listing unforgettable among the social crowd

Instant Connection: With the property website address prominently featured, viewers can seamlessly transition from the video to the full property experience of your listing.

STEP #7:


STEP #8:


STEP #9:

Blog Post

STEP #10:


STAGE #11:


STAGE #12:


We're dishing out pre-written text that's juicier than a prime steak, campaigns that pack more punch than a prizefighter, and create social media magic that'll set screens ablaze about your listing. And we're not stopping there. We're throwing in snappy videos that'll make your property look like it's starring in a blockbuster. And the cherry on top? A YouTube extravaganza that'll take buyers on a rollercoaster ride through the property, leaving 'em hungry for more.

AHHHH... Your sellers are going to love this, and there's MORE!

But here's where it gets real good – a property listing description done-for-you. It's not just words; it's poetry that'll woo buyers into a trance. Every phrase, every sentence, a siren call they can't ignore.

And now, for the grand finale – are you ready? 

A personalized page for YOUR SELLERS, showcasing your marketing mastery. All the links, videos, graphics, blog post, landing pages, open house invitations, Facebook ads and examples of everything that YOU'VE DONE, and the kind of proof that'll knock their socks off. Say goodbye to the days of sellers breathing down your neck. Prove them you are worth every penny they are paying you to sell their house! This system turns their doubts into awe and transforms you into a marketing messiah who is worthy of referrals for the rest of their lives! 

Wider Reach: Harness the power of social media to extend your property's reach, attracting a broader audience of potential buyers

Visual Intrigue: Our six eye-catching graphics are strategically designed to stop the scrolling thumb, instantly capturing users' attention

Seamless Transition: Our graphics offer a seamless pathway to shift into your property's central hub exclusive website

Interactive Teasers: These six graphics serve as tantalizing teasers to share all over social media.

Enhanced SEO Power: Elevate your property's online visibility with a dedicated Facebook page that enhances its search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for potential buyers to discover the property when searching online.

Long-Lasting Digital Footprint: Beyond the sale, the dedicated Facebook page becomes a digital legacy that stays, showcasing your expertise and commitment as a listing agent for years to come.

Engaging Narrative: Your own written blog post that allows you to weave a compelling narrative around the property, showcasing its unique features, history, and charm, written for your website.

Evergreen Impact: A dedicated blog post leaves a lasting digital footprint that continues to attract readers long after the listing is sold

Sleek Professionalism: Our dedicated Open House webpage exudes professionalism, offering a sleek and polished platform that not only promotes the event but also reflects the property's appeal.

Interactive Countdown: An interactive countdown clock builds anticipation and excitement, ticking away the seconds until the event starts, compelling visitors to mark their calendars and set their alarms.

Strategic Visuals: Our Facebook ready-made ad features strategic visuals that showcase the property's most alluring aspects, grabbing viewers' attention while conveying the essence of the listing.

Compelling Copy: Our ad copy is crafted to intrigue and compel, providing just enough information to pique interest and encourage viewers to click through for more details.

Compelling Content: Our email campaign includes 7-weeks of meticulously crafted messages that engage readers, providing them with valuable information about the property's features, benefits, and unique selling points.

Timely Engagement: The campaign is strategically timed to keep potential buyers engaged, providing them with regular updates and insights that help keep your property top of mind.

STAGE #13:


Tailored Online Hub: Our dedicated landing page serves as a personalized hub exclusively for the property, offering potential buyers a comprehensive resource to explore every aspect of the listing

Enhanced Lead Generation: The landing page is designed to prompt visitors to take action, requesting more information, thereby generating more leads for your CRM.



Unshakable Confidence: By presenting a personalized page to your client direcly,  filled with tangible examples and proof of your marketing excellence, sellers will have unshakable confidence in your ability to effectively market and sell their property.

And now, for the grand finale – a personalized page for your sellers, showcasing your marketing mastery. All the links, examples, and the kind of proof that'll knock their socks off. . .

You're no longer an agent; you're a maestro of marketing, a conductor of conversions. Your sellers will not question your ability to sell their home...on the contrary, your sellers will feel the weight of your dedication, see the fire in your strategy, and be swayed by the irrefutable evidence of your mastery.

Trust Without Doubt: The comprehensive evidence you provide will eliminate any doubts sellers may have, fostering a deep trust in your expertise and methods, allowing you to concentrate on the selling process without distractions.

Smooth Transaction: Sellers' peace of mind translates to smoother transactions. With no second-guessing or uncertainty, you can dedicate your time and energy to orchestrating a seamless sale, ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved.

Future Referrals: The awe your sellers feel for your marketing professionalism is bound to turn into future referrals. Their firsthand experience with your excellence will lead them to confidently refer others, creating a network of clients who value your exceptional skills and dedication.

STEP #3:


Unparalleled Engagement: Keep them engaged with a user-friendly website that sells 24-7

Tailored Content Hub: A central hub that offers all your property-related information

Exceptional Differentiator: Setting your property apart from the competition 

Digital Showcase: A dedicated website that acts as the central hub of your listing marketing...

STAGE #14:


Compelling Content: Our email campaign includes 7-weeks of meticulously crafted messages that engage readers, providing them with valuable information about the property's features, benefits, and unique selling points.

Timely Engagement: The campaign is strategically timed to keep potential buyers engaged, providing them with regular updates and insights that help keep your property top of mind.

Each of these Steps Expertly Crafted for You, Stage by Stage Designed to "WOW" Your Client and Help You Sell Your Listing! 


"SOLD IN 3 DAYS!!!..."

"SOLD IN 6 DAYS!!!..."

"SOLD IN 6 DAYS!!!..."

"Imagine not just listing, but elevating – with a marketing arsenal that's poised to astonish, a reputation that's destined to flourish, and a future that's ready to skyrocket. Prepare to embrace a realm where excellence isn't just an aspiration; it's the cornerstone of your journey. Your listings will no longer just sell; they'll thrive, captivate, and leave a lasting legacy. This isn't just about marketing; this is your voyage towards redefining what's possible in real estate for you!"

Now, as you stand at the threshold of unparalleled listing success, envision a partnership where your time is optimized, your expertise is showcased, and your sellers become raving advocates


Now, you might be wondering, "What's the price tag for accessing these powerful listing marketing strategies?"

Let's be upfront about it...

Sure, you could decide to take on all 15 marketing steps by yourself. But have you considered the considerable time and effort required to master each one and truly dazzle your listing clients? Alternatively, you could hire someone to replicate this entire system. However, when you add up the cost of all 15 steps, it could easily run you into the thousands of dollars, not to mention the time you'd need to manage the entire process.

Now, it's worth mentioning that you might not need all 15 of these steps for every listing. However, if you aspire to become a true RockStar listing agent, having access to every one of these strategies and more will set you apart. In the open market, a system like this could easily demand a price tag of $2,000+ or more.

But here's the good news...

Your investment in this system demonstrates to your listing clients that you're willing to go above and beyond to sell their property. You won't miss a single step, and you'll leave them in awe, especially when you unveil the final stage of this program: "The Personalized Page." This is where your clients will witness compelling evidence of your marketing prowess in action.

Now, let's talk about the price. We're not asking for $2,000, or even $1,000, although that would be justified given the value you'll receive.

Today, you can access this entire program at a fraction of that cost.

But before I reveal the price, let's take a quick look at everything you'll receive, step by step:

"SOLD IN 8 DAYS!!!..."

Q & A 



What exactly are you going to do for my lisiting?  

  • Dedicated Domain:  You'll receive a unique domain name for your listing, like "www.mainstreet.com."
  • Custom Website: A dedicated website featuring your listing on your new domain.
  • Guest Website: You'll also get a non-branded "guest website" to share with agents.
  • Compelling Description: We'll craft an enchanting property description to give your listing a distinctive advantage.
  • Engaging Video: A captivating main video, using all your listing pictures, designed to engage viewers.
  • Social Media Boost: Receive files for 4 short videos to share on your social media and expand your property's reach among friends and clients.
  • Eye-Catching Graphics: Get files for 6 attention-grabbing social media graphics, driving potential buyers to your property's domain name.
  • Dedicated Facebook Page: We'll create a dedicated Facebook page to enhance your property's domain name SEO and share all your videos and graphics.
  • Engaging Blog Post: We'll write a blog post to engage buyers and boost your property's domain name SEO. It will be posted on your site, as well as on other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Activerain.
  • Open House Website: We'll create a dedicated "Open House" website exclusively for your listing, once you provide the time and date of your open house.
  • SEO For Your Property Website: Creating contextual dofollow white hat high DA (Domain Authority) SEO backlinks for a website is a fundamental strategy in search engine optimization (SEO)- Up to 600 backlinks created for you.
  • Email Campaign: Enjoy 7 weeks of email campaigns with compelling content designed to attract more attention. You'll need to create a campaign on your CRM to use this content, and we'll provide instructions.
  • Lead-Generating Landing Page: We'll create a separate "Landing Page" that prompts visitors to your property's domain name. Any signups will be directed to your email address as leads.
  • SMS Campaign: Receive a 7-week SMS campaign to keep potential buyers engaged. You can use this on your CRM or send the campaign to your entire database for the next 7 weeks.
  • Personalized Showcase Page: Finally, we'll create and send you a personalized page that you can share directly to your clients, highlighting everything you've done for them throughout all 15 stages. It serves as comprehensive evidence of your marketing prowess!



What are some of the benefits of using the Ultimate Listing Marketing System?

The benefits of using the Ultimate Listing Marketing System include:

  • Increased exposure for your property
  • More showings
  • More offers
  • A higher selling price
  • A happy seller
  • Referrals
  • ...and you solidifying yourself as a rockstar listing agent! 

Now, let's calculate the total value of all 15 stages for you:

When you sum up each item, the total value could easily reach into the thousands!

However, I won't ask you to pay $2,000.

Not even $1,000, or $500.

If you order it today, you can access all of this for an unbelievable single payment of just $399 in total!

But, please be aware, this offer is for a limited time only. 

Just as opportunities come and go, so does this chance to transform your listing into something magical...

Seize this opportunity now, before your competition does!


What occurs once I order this service?


As soon as we receive your order, details of your listing, along with your complete branding information (including your name, listing address, logo, and any additional branding details you have), we will need a copy of the professional photos for your listing, plus the date and time of your next scheduled open house. We take it from there...and in less than 72 hours, your website will be public with the first information and photos, as we continue to add content and finalize your order in less than 7 days.  

About Listing Blatz 

Listing Blatz offers real estate agents a game-changing marketing tool for their listings to WOW their clients and expand their marketing. With immersive visual experiences, potential buyers can explore listings from anywhere, boosting visibility and engagement, ultimately expanding marketing reach exponentially.


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We Register Your Own Domain Name For You! 

We'll Create Your Own Personalized Website

The Central Hub for Your Property Listing

We'll Bring More Eyes To Your Listing...

With the strategy of the "Incognito Website"

An Expertly Crafted Property Description 

Enhances Your Listing

An Exclusive

Property Video

Exclusive Short Videos

Social Media Graphics to Promote Your Listing 

Across Platforms


Exclusively For Your Listing "AN SEO STRATEGY"  

A Custom Blog Post  Dedicated to Your Listing, 

Crafted for You

Your Own Exclusive OPEN HOUSE PAGE 

with Registration Invite The Neighborhood...

Present the comprehensive marketing report to your seller, showcasing the 15 successful tasks completed on their behalf!

We'll Create a Captivating Brochures along with

 "Just Listed" and 

"Just Sold" postcards 

The "FOLLOW UP" Strategy Scripts For Persistent Engagement

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We Enhance Your Property Website with Up to 500 High-Quality, 

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